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UKPSA Full Council Members

Position Name Contact
President & Chairman NROI, Chairman Constitution Committee
(Honorary Exec)
Bob Chittleborough
Vice President & SG National Squad Director
(Honorary Exec)
Ken Trail
Vice President
(Honorary Exec)
Alan Phillips
Regional Director
Kevin Strowger
Chairman & Handgun National Squad Director
David Joy

Hotline Co-ordinator
Gary Dyer
Hotline: 07010 703845 (premium rate number)
Fax: 0870 765 7721
(not after 9:00 pm)
Rupert Stanley
Adam Rowsell
Membership Secretary Pat Savage
Shotgun Secretary
Chris Wakefield
Action Air Secretary
Jim Sephton
Adam Rowsell
Sponsorship Secretary
Sharon Sell
Media Officer (non-Council position) Vanessa Duffy
South & South East Reg Org
Colin Alden
Midlands Reg Org
Darren Hopley
Wales & South West Reg Org David Peacock
Northern Reg Org
Pete Savage
Scotland Reg Org
Andy Duffy
Head of Training
Michelle Lumley

Handgun Commission Chairman
David Joy
LBF Secretary & MR Secretary Russell Hicks
Action Air National Squad Director (non-Council position) Justin Cooper
Competition Secretary (non-Council position)
Gary Dyer
Stats Officer (non-Council position) Walter Robinson
Shotgun Review Officer (non-Council position) Neil Beverley
LBF/ActionAir Review Officer (non-Council position) Steve Sheasby

Exec are elected at the AGM and subsequently appoint other members of Council.

Other UKPSA Committees

General Enquiries should be directed via the Secretary or the Public Relations Officer.

UKPSA members should quote their membership number in all correspondence.

UKPSA, PO Box 7057, Preston, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 4EN

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